Summer ends.


Summer, the season to shelter from. What was once the vacation season, is and more and more will be the season to shelter from.
I read “the scramble for energy-rich carbon is at the center of life on this planet ” and think: Is this all part of human nature? That is who we are.
Though I am not among those who engineered our destruction, I am complicit to this energy hungry system. I buy the fuel, I buy the flights, I buy the clothes, I overload servers. I drive the car to see the green things, I pollute my way to beauty.
Any errors are solely mine. Fighting time and fighting evidence of the radical destabilisation of life on earth. Or a lifetime of fighting for intangible change?
Who gets to hold onto beauty as the world ends? Who is afforded access to beauty during times of annihilation and catastrophe?
Are there moments in which to be reasonable means to be a coward?

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